What is


  • The Functional Dimension – concerns the perception of benefit of the product or service associated with the brand.
  • The Social Dimension – concerns the ability to create identification with a group.
  • The Spiritual Dimension – is the perception of global or local responsibility.
  • The Mental Dimension – is the ability to support the individual mentally.NIKE BRAND MIND SPACE
  • FD – Nike Air
  • MD – Just Do It
  • SD – Swoosh logo
  • SD – Anti child labourAccept the impossible without limitations


  • FD – Nike Air
  • MD – Just Do It
  • SD – Swoosh logo
  • SD – Anti child labourAccept the impossible without limitations


  • Your ability to be beneficial to others.
  • Your ability to interact with others.
  • The ability to help transform others.
  • Your ability to connect to totality in life and take on higher responsibilities and so on.


  • Answers how you can be beneficial or how you are perceived to be beneficial.
  • Functional side of your perceived personality has to do with your professional & formal abilities / skills.
  • These can be based on training or education but, they can be the subject of your talent.
  • FD is also about productivity in economic terms.
  • FD are about deliverables as a person in work life.
  • Trigger point – focus on how to be different & how to dramatize that difference when you communicate. FAVOURITE WORDS- COMPETENCE, BLEND OF KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE. SOCIAL U


  • Your social skills & ability to organize and lead people.
  • Person invited to make other feel good, amiable, admirable.
  • Team leader or sales person. POPULAR WORD – LEADERSHIPMENTAL U


  • To have developed others personally as a result of your contact.
  • To have strong MD in other’s perception means you have a talent for creating rapport with others & you show empathy.
  • I like him because he really listens to me. POPULAR QUALITIES – INNER STABILITY, CONVICTIONSPIRITUAL U


  • All of us are probably searching for some mission, a role in society so you take on larger responsibility which is natural, & important for own self- respect and identity.
  • SD is about serving higher purposes than traditional professional and involves capacity to contribute to everybody’s welfare.
  • An important part of success because they have a larger view on things.


  • Ask the greatest benefit you bring in, if your competence & professionalism are different ask what this means. If you are too far apart, then seek a job elsewhere.
  • Mismatch in positioning isn’t necessarily negative as long as your expertise are appreciated but, if it needs only to do what you are best at and your positioning differs then you are in trouble from the day one.
  • Style- the perception you create, values are your deeper personality check the degree of adjustments and style fit.
  • If company’s mission is broader then yours ,you may be challenged– if it fails to excite you don’t get involved.A vision mismatch may result in conflict but, you might still use it as a stepping stone in your career.Value inadequacy may exist but, if company’s values are questionable – back out.Mismatch in your and company’s BRAND CODE may be fruitful & even necessary– THOUGHT FIT & DELIVERABLES WILL MAKE U A STRONG BRAND I MAY BE ROUGHLY RIGHT AND FAST THAN EXACTLY RIGHT AND SLOW BECAUSE THE COST OF DELAY IS VASTLY GREATER THAN THE COST OF OCCASIONAL MISTAKE.