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Students with good scores often or sometimes land up in taking admission in wrong colleges because of inappropriate counselling or incorrect guidance. This is due to most so called counselors are hardly bothered about candidate’s future or their ability of career prospects.
We at Tutelage put together serious efforts in ability mapping of the student and suggest his destination even we might have to say NO. our chosen colleges will try and fulfill your expectations that’s our promise to You.

How well this process work, who follow this process, how this process benefit students, what are the end results of this process are few concerns which TUTELAGE addresses and place in front of students to take an informed decision.

Our post admission counselling’s also focused towards the above issues in order to guide students how to complete semester wise studies during their course and areas of placements.

Students often prefer their specialization papers/projects which is market driven, but very few choose what they truly like. This is quite unfortunate. If you attend our post admission session we will tell you the differences and advantages. Many students were benefited in the past.

Our seminars /workshops are primarily focused counsellors and advisory services for emerging opportunities and alternatives for higher education by engaging domain experts.

Identifying the trends of higher educations, real time exposure through professional guidance, help students in self-assessments and set priorities .The process in turn enhance your employability.