Why you need career counselling?

Why you need career counselling?

Career counseling is a process that assists you in choosing the right professional path that perfectly combines your goal and your capabilities .It is a holistic approach which includes reading students mind, understanding their interest and abilities as well as analyzing what they are expecting from a career. According to various surveys only 13% of people worldwide love going to work while others just do it for a living. Isn’t the figure alarming and disappointing? Choosing a career should not be strictly based on the job market but also one’s area of interest.

Though the two words “Career counseling” seems something that you can definitely Google but to get it for an apt career that is made for you, one need an experienced career counselor with whom you can have a face to face communication. Don’t forget that Google doesn’t know you personally neither is emotionally attached to you but a career counselor will get to know you personally and guide you while keeping in mind your academics, your preference and your capabilities. I personally witnessed a bright career that got destroyed and hence is the article very important for you.

So why you need counseling

  • You are confused because of ignorance
  • You are confused because of information overloading
  • Your score is not that good.
  • You are misguided
  • You wish to drop a year
  • You miscalculate ROI
  • You are gullible
  • You passed your 10th standard/12th standard and not able to make a decision for your course and college because of all the half-baked information everywhere.

What to expect from a career counseling session

  • Counselor will figure out your interests, fear and career goal and make you more confident
  • You will be advised to take a psychometric test or aptitude and personality test for a deep understanding
  • Self-exploration to understand your future goals.
  • Aware you of the latest trend and skills required to sustain in the industry
  • You will be able to decide on for a course and the most appropriate college for the same considering your preference of location, budget and your area of expertise.
  • At the end you will find yourself very confident, focused and determined, ready to make and take the future decision.

A note for Parents:

Every student is unique and has got some sort of talent within. As a parent you just need to explore that. Don’t just blindly follow the same old pattern for your children that you followed during your entire life, because this is the new generation, the generation of Robots and Artificial intelligence. Give your children the freedom to choose his/her career, be it in music or art or engineering. Let them follow their passion instead of chasing for money. It will automatically follow success.

Hope you find this article helpful.

Did you passed/appeared for standard 12th?  If yes then let us know about your career concerns in the comment section below. We will try to response in the best possible ways.

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