What’s After Class 12? BBA or B.COM

What’s After Class 12? BBA or B.COM

How a student can decide for choosing between BBA and B.com after 12th? What are the important factors to be considered?


BBA & B.Com though have some similarity but the objective of undergoing the degrees is quite different. BBA orients a student towards business management and B.Com orients a student towards accounting & finance. If a student is willing to pursue a career in finance, it is advisable for him or her to choose B.Com as it would provide a solid foundation for further studies, may it be M.Com, CA,CS,CFA. If a student is willing to study business management and wants to explore different areas of business function, in that case BBA would provide a base for further studies. In recent years job opportunities for BBA have considerably increased. Work experience after BBA helps in applying practical knowledge during MBA course. So based on the liking & available alternatives that a student has, he or she could choose between B.Com & BBA.


We are in Digital era and so colleges are incorporating Digital Marketing in their management programs. How this new curriculum will help students to sustain and excel in the industries.

Post Covid situation will not be the same. We are now accepting the new normal in every area of our life and profession. Industries also need to adapt to the changes. In this new era of massive digitalization all industries need to have a digital presence to survive & grow. Similarly, the curriculum in management institutes needs to change according the need of the industry. Analytics & Digital Marketing is the two areas every management student has to learn so that they are able to work in this new era.



Would like to know your opinion on the existing trend of Opting for Management degree after Engineering, and what you think is the driving factor behind this transition?

Management education has been a sort after degree in the last few decades. Students from every stream have tried their hands in management education and I would say that management education has provided a platform for their career growth. As far as pursuing management education after engineering is concerned, I would say that it is the best combination for a candidate willing to excel in any industry. It provides a right balance between analytical & management skills which is highly appreciated in any industry. This trend has been for a few decades now that top MBA colleges are flocked with engineering students from premier institutes. Engineering students have realized that to reach higher levels in their corporate career, management education is mandatory.


Be it Arts, commerce or science, students from all the streams are opting for various management courses after 12th standard. Please highlight your thoughts about it.

As stated earlier, management courses after 12th   standard provides enormous opportunity to explore from in different industries. Today’s management education has become more industry specific where students have more choices to choose from not only courses but also which industry, they want to build their career. The beauty of management education is that it is an interdisciplinary subject thus creates scope for students from any background to opt for a management course and grow their career.



While opting for a management program whether in the undergraduate level or postgraduate level, student should focus for getting enrolled in a b-school. Do you think a b-school is always a better option than colleges/universities offering a wide array of programs?

As per my opinion, a B school is always a better option as it has a focused approach towards management education and are not constrained by norms and policies of a college or university running wide array of courses. B schools always provide an environment for learning and orients a student towards the corporate culture.

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  1. Sir as we know that we are moving into a totally digital era and the manual labour is depleting day by day and even there are ai systems nowadays that are doing the complicated calculations of the Chartered Accountants within few hours that would took a day or two if done manually so I think that rather opting for BCom and choosing career options such as ca, cfa, cs etc BBA is a viable option but sir I wanted to know that if I pursue bba and wanted to join the technical industry can i join?

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