Shobhit Goyal (Vice chairman) Quantum Univerisity Exclusive Interview with Tutelage

Shobhit Goyal (Vice chairman) Quantum Univerisity Exclusive Interview with Tutelage

“Qualified but unemployed” is the new paraphrase for engineers. All most every report confirms the fact that not more than 18% of engineers are employable. So how your collaborative programs in engineering is is going to bring a change?

Universities across the nation are training millions of youngsters annually but the corporate often complains about lack of necessary skills among them required for a job. Such problems of lacking skills among youth can only be solved by bringing industry-collaborative programs and teaching students what the industry needs.

At Quantum, we offer three collaborative programs – B.Tech (Hons.) in Cybersecurity in collaboration with Quick Heal, B.Tech (Hons) in Mechatronics in collaboration with APS GmbH, Germany and B.Tech (Hons.) in AI and Machine Learning in collaboration with Xebia. We do not promote rote learning at Quantum, we focus on devising a dynamic curriculum that gives more emphasis on practical knowledge in tune with the needs of the industry. The curriculum of all the collaborative programs has been prepared after analysing the evolving nature of industry and changes in the labour market so that it can address the requirements and demands of the dynamic industry. The curriculum is regularly revised and developed in accordance with what the industry needs.

In all our programs, the huge emphasis is paid on internships, industrial trainings, live projects etc. Professionals from the industry themselves deliver the lectures using the live industry cases and groom students. Students work on real-life projects which gives them a chance to work on projects similar to the ones they will be working with as future professionals. In addition to this, we have also inked an array of industrial tie-ups and MoUs with the leading organisations to deliver the students what the professional world needs and create an industry-ready workforce. Besides, our students work with different companies on various real-life projects throughout the BTech (Hons.) collaborative courses.

As we know that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide. Near about 120 million people lost their jobs in India. So, would like to know how was your placement amidst this lockdown for 2020 passed out students?

Yes, the last few months have been tough for the entire world. The entire world has faced a storm that no one was prepared for – Covid-19. At the campus, fresh graduates were worried about their job prospects. However, beating all odds, we have recorded a number of recruitments by top companies during the campus placements this year. Over 350 offers including multiple pre-placement ones have been made to the university’s 2021 passing out batch of students. The number of placement offers has increased by 16 % as compared to last year. Till date, more than 150 recruiters have participated in Quantum University’s Placements for 2021 batch, including BJYU’s, Mcafee Software, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Bank of America, Philips, IBM, Axis Bank, Intel, Google, Wipro, Infosys, Whitehat Jr, C-Zentrix, Learning Routes, Hike Edu, McKinsey & Company, etc. Our students were delighted because of the participation of many dream status companies. In addition to this, over 65 companies have confirmed participation in the coming months.

More than 80 recruiters including BYJU’s, Capgemini, TCS, HCL, Knoldus Software and a lot more have hired students from the campus. There is more than 70% recruitment in almost every engineering branch, and the fresh graduates have been offered worthy pay packages, at par with the pre-Covid times. The average salary of the batch went up to 4.86 LPA as compared to last year’s 3.40 LPA and the highest salary offered so far is Rs 10 LPA. The number of placed students and the package offered is set to rise as some of the companies that participated in the campus recruitment process are yet to declare results.

Digital Marketing emerged as an imperative and vital skill to be industry-ready. So how are you helping students for this new trend with your management program?

Digital Marketing is a booming industry not only in India but across the globe. It has taken over and there is no question about that. It has emerged out to be one of the most versatile and fascinating fields. The demand for Digital Marketers is increasing at a rapid rate and is opening doors for plenty of job seekers. At Quantum, we offer BBA in Digital Marketing. The program teaches students about a wide range of applications and techniques used in the field of Digital Marketing. In addition to this, under our interdisciplinary pedagogy, we allow students to choose Digital Marketing as one of their minor along with their major in their chosen discipline.

Please elaborate about your Interdisciplinary pedagogy and passion programs.


Interdisciplinary pedagogy allows students to build their own pathway of education by choosing courses that make sense to them. For example, a student can prepare a theme that crosses over various disciplinary boundaries in commerce, technology, music, art etc. and study a curriculum developed as per his own choice. Students can study technology with music, culinary skills with engineering, entrepreneurship with computer science and explore such unique combinations. Studying this way would result in more meaningful learning and would help them to bring various ideas together. In simpler words, allowing students to choose their own subjects is the main idea behind interdisciplinary education.

Now, coming to Passion Programs (PROPS), under it we encourage students to pursue their passion while pursuing their higher education. Following passion plays a vital role in making life fulfilled and a fun-experience. Especially in student life, following passion leads to holistic and all-rounded development. But the sad part is that, while pursuing higher education, students often feel stuck with studies and fail to carve out time for working on their passions. Most of the times, they find themselves engaged in hectic classroom schedules and stressing about the vast syllabus at hand. But, it is not the way to enjoy student life to its fullest. As a student, one must spare some time for pursuing passions and under our structured Passion Programs (PROPs), we allow students to express and hone their talent in the areas of their interest varying from photography, debating, social services to gardening, dance and music.

Lastly why “Quantum University” amongst array of choices in Dehradun?


We offer 55 plus undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses with a unique amalgamation of professional and academic excellence. I have already spoken at length about our interdisciplinary pedagogy, Passion Programs (PROPS) and collaborative programs. Apart from them, our core strength lies in our faculty, which is our most important resource. Most of our faculty members are from the leading universities of India like IITs and IIMs. Experienced staff is deputed here who meets the norms of UGC.

The pedagogy that we follow at Quantum to teach students is always updated with new initiatives like flip classroom, more discussions etc. The connect between the students and faculty is really good as personal mentors are allotted to every student which I am sure that no other institute is providing.

Besides, we pay due emphasis on soft skills and personality development of the students from the very first year. For which, we host an array of value-added certification courses for students of all the programs. We have also inked an MoU with Cambridge University Press to help students in their all-rounded development along with ensuring their employability. In addition to this, we are having close tie-ups with IIT Roorkee. Faculty from IIT regularly visit our campus to give guest lectures and provide industrial training to Q-mates. We have joined hands with various associations in India and abroad. At present, Quantum is a member of CII, ASSOCHAM, BIA and SIDCUL Manufacturers Association besides being on the executive body of a number of regional level associations. All these strategic partners provide students with regular industrial visits, internships, hands-on-trainings, workshops and seminars.

The university is good at academics and students get the opportunity to do research projects and enhance their learning. Innovation is always appreciated here. We have created a rich research atmosphere that fosters innovation, inspires the faculty and students to undertake focused research, because of which 34 patents have already been filed by the university in a very short span of time. Faculty members, PhD scholars and students of the university have published various research papers in reputed journals like Elsevier, Springer, ACM, IEEE and some UGC listed journals.

Lastly, I would like to say that we have been constantly ranked very high by Times B School, The Week, IMRB International, ASSOCHAM India and the education post etc. We have been consistently ranked as a top university in various areas including quality education, placements, industry interface, infrastructure, industry collaborations and more. Being a young university, it is a truly exceptional achievement.

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