Must Read before Choosing MBA as a career Option

Must Read before Choosing MBA as a career Option


What choices business education face today?


Business Education has undergone a sea change over the last one decade incorporating new contents and formats to update and upgrade themselves for new age demands. The new pedagogy is trying to bring a transformation by an increasing presence of marketisation of knowledge. Institutions are trying to strengthen industry-education links at galloping pace to make education more market relevant than socially relevant.

Business education must consciously shift from teacher-centric paradigm which largely focuses on supply side of knowledge to student-centric approach assuming market-friendly courseware. The new thinking conceives business institutions as academic industry- students as consumers and teachers as knowledge weavers. I understand competitive advantage rests on meaningful customer experiences that results from bidirectional interaction between teachers and students.



Does MBA means ; Mal bech ke aoo’?


Being educated now seems to have acquired a new meaning of being able to sell oneself. In the process MBA has become a tool for the purpose of making oneself better equipped with skills demanded by the recruitment market. Broadly speaking management education is no longer a necessary social entity but a commodity that is available for sell and purchases in market place. From this point B-Schools are simply an extension of the market place and the students, primarily consumers.

Industries are looking at these consumers to know the basics of selling and negotiating at the physical market place with MBA as an entry level qualification.

Mal to bechna parega.


According to your last article IIM’s don’t make you smarter then what makes you?


My simple understanding would be- When YOU develop your conscious incompetence (I know that I am bad in adapting to change) over unconscious incompetence ( I don’t know that I am bad in adapting to change ).

And YOU are more active with your conscious competence ( I practice the new learned skills consciously ) over unconscious incompetence ( because of continuous practice I demonstrate those skills with unconscious effects).

Generally YOU follow whatever is visible — peers, relatives. Recruitment trends, popular choices etc. You are trying to survive anyhow.

When the Learning Anxiety will be greater than Survival Anxiety , you become smarter. You may call it a necessary evil.


In Eastern region there is always a confusion on MBA and PGDM. What do you say about it?


The basic difference is MBA degree is offered by university affiliated colleges and the later is given by B-Schools approved by AICTE.

I think students in eastern region have more inclination towards  a degree than the diploma for various reasons. Going for further studies in universities need  masters degree at least in India or some public sector recruitments specify Masters degree as statutory requirement,. Historically speaking the service class is more prevalent in eastern part of India, therefore inclination towards a formal masters degree become the obvious reason and t accordingly priorities are set.

My observation is, this confusion is to do with operant conditioning and wrong influence of parents, friends and some traditional counsellors. As far as management studies are concerned in our country AICTE approved courseware are more real time market-fit and industry- centric. I believe, this confused understanding will still be prevalent until an organised seminar or body addresses with facts to the students seeking these information.


Any suggestions for students before choosing any career options?


Career according to me has 5 irreducible components- Identity, Passion, Contribution to society, Decent livelihood and Feeling of being successful. The degree of importance attached to each, will vary from individual to individual.

Find out what motivates You – is it Achievement, Power or Affiliation ? Most of us want to do what we like, whereas the truth is we often don’t earn enough by choosing to do so. To start with try to find the meaning, not the money, you will have a constructive coverage of time, progress in life, security for the rainy day and importantly make an identity.

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