Know all about B.Tech CSE in Blockchain Technology

Know all about B.Tech CSE in Blockchain Technology

Overview: in the blockchain is a professional undergraduate engineering –  programme with a duration of four years. This programme is designed to make the students deal with the functional and operational system of the cryptocurrency environment, which is very popular nowadays. Cryptocurrencies were invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, and he was the first to implement the first blockchain as well. So, what are cryptocurrencies and why is it so popular? A cryptocurrency is basically a monetary form of digital payment, which can be used for all our transactions such as to sell, purchase, exchange any goods or things. It deals in the “demand and supply” rule without having any third party or intermediate involved. It can also be held as an investment. This means you can even invest in cryptocurrencies just like you invest in any other stocks, shares and properties etc. Cryptocurrency is not under control or of any central or monetary authority (government) or banks.

The transactions made using the cryptocurrency are kept in a decentralized system without an intermediate or third party (For example bank, court, judge, government). So, the chances of fraud or facing complications are extremely less. As there is no chance of getting scammed because it is immensely difficult to hack the records and the network which is maintained by blockchain. Now, when we know what cryptocurrency is it will be easy for you to understand blockchain. The storage of data in a group called “blocks”. Every block has its own capacity, when it gets filled, then it is attached or chained to the previous filled block, therefore, it forms a chain. This is why it is called a blockchain. It makes a chain of blocks full of databases, transactions, and information of cryptocurrencies to a network. It is more like a transparent ledger for the public, with no money. It also helps to verify and trace the transaction. It offers numerous benefits like smooth and speed processings in the transaction without any complications, low transactions fees.

Why should you choose CSE in blockchain as your

Crypto culture is new and less competitive field as if for now. It is also the
fastest-growing skill sets job with And it has grown rapidly, just in a decade.
As per research,  the position limit for cryptocurrencies is a $350,000 cost
basis per coin. So in the coming years, the demand for blockchain developers
is going to increase immensely. Even now in 2021, Blockchain developers
and engineers are currently the highest-in-demand roles and will continue
to be in demand. According to Deloitte's 2020 Blockchain Survey, 55% of
global respondents said that blockchain was a strategic priority. The top
three focus areas are cryptocurrency and banking, data transfer, integrity
and security, and payments. This is enough to know about the importance
of this field in the future.

How to apply for CSE in blockchain?

  • Students must have passed class 10+2 from or equivalent from
    science stream with an aggregate percentage of 50% with a minimum
    age of 17 years.
  • Most universities offering CSE in blockchain technology
    conduct or organize their own entrance exam to know the credibility
    and knowledge of the student.
  • Most colleges take direct admission on the basis of your academic
  • Few main entrance exams are accepted by almost every
    college AT UG level are – JEE MAINS (Purpose of getting admission in, JEE ADVANCED (purpose of getting admissions in IITs,   SUAT
    (Sarda university) & UPESEAT (UPES) etc.
  • Many universities take direct admission by JEE MAIN score.


The career after completion of this programme is unstoppable. According
to LinkedIn, The demand for job skills in 2020, Blockchain has topped the
list of skills, bosses are looking for in employees around the world this
year. Some more career prospects for the young aspiring engineers,who
have just completed their UG in CSE in blockchain are as follows :
Blockchain Developer/Engineer.

  • Cryptocurrency Developer.
  • Blockchain Business Analyst.
  • Blockchain Solution Architecture.
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Engineer.

“Nothing in this world is PERFECT, Everything comes with
some Pros and Cons”.
Let’s discuss a few pros and cons of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, which will
help you to understand more about it.



  • Blockchain is a new and very interesting technology for the people and
    the biggest advantage of this new technology is that it is not connected
    with any central authorities.
  • This technology is new to the technology industry, therefore the
    competition is less as compare to others.
  • As per the survey, this technology is the highest paid job in India. It can give
    you a wealthy life.
  • Blockchain also offers a superior level of data quality. Every information
    kept inside the is, verified first and then gets added to the ledger.
  • The ledger technology deletes the false data and adds useful ones.
  • The structure of blockchain is long-lasting. The durability of this
    technology is extremely good. It stores blocks of information and transaction around the network and makes sure that no other failure occurs and prevent hacking attempts as well.
  • This technology is transparent and if any changes in the data occur, all the other users would get to know about it.
  • The characteristics of blockchain are fixed, clear and honest. One can not change the rules of it.
  • Blockchain offers the user control of their information and makes sure that no one can miss use them.
  • With the help of this technology, the transaction made through it is faster than the centralized means.
  • This technology offers almost everything online, which makes it even easier to use and maintain.


  •  The expandability of this network is not like the centralized system.
    Therefore the more people will join the network, the
    chances of slowing down will increase too!
  • With every update in the ledger system, the miner also needs to
    solve the problems which require a lot of energy.
  • Data are immutable in blockchain, which means there is no undo or
    delete option available to remove its transaction from the system
    when it is not needed anymore.
  • Users in this technology are their own banks for accessing and
    maintaining the data, information and transactions. All users have
    to generate a wallet, which can be accessible with a private key only. And
    if one fails to remember the private key will lead to loose the wallet
  • The cost of executing this technology is extremely high and requires a
    lot of investment. The cost can easily touch to one million dollars as

Here are the names of colleges that offer this specific course :

  • UPES

The course fee varies from minimum fee structure with 5 lakh – 15 lakhs

Subjects Offered:
These are the subjects offered in CSE in Blockchain are general
computer science topics like IT applications, object-oriented programming,
python, database management, data security, analysis of algorithms, etc.

Salary Package:
An average salary that is offered to a graduate engineering from CSE
with blockchain is about 8 -15 LPA. With experience of (2 – 4 years) in
this field can earn even more than this.


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