Gopal Debnath (AGM) The Neotia University Exclusive Interview with Tutelage

Gopal Debnath (AGM) The Neotia University Exclusive Interview with Tutelage

Students from West-Bengal are migrating in mass to other states for Undergraduate Engineering courses. While, West Bengal is considered to be the home of many reputed engineering colleges, students Complains about Poor placement and age old syllabus. How would you justify that Neotia University B-Tech programs will change this scenario and provide good placements?

  • The Neotia University (TNU) offers Undergraduate Engineering and all other courses with latest technology available in that sector / industry. Syllabus of all the courses offered by TNU is available on our website. If anybody wants to check, they can do so and can compare with any other University / colleges offering the same courses in India.
  • Companies from all over India come to Kolkata / West Bengal for placement drive. Students required to study and learn their subject in their course duration with maximum efforts. Colleges & Universities in West Bengal are very well equipped with cutting edge technology and state-of- the-art labs along with best of the faculty members. At TNU, we encourage and facilitate students for research & innovation works. Under the Credit Based Choice System (CBCS) students are not only need to learn / participate in learning but they need to be involved in learning process.
    So, if a student have excellent knowledge about their subjects and are able to explain their subjects in the placement’s written test and Interview Board then any top company is ready to higher the students from West Bengal itself.

While it’s been more than a year of closure of colleges across world due to covid-19 pandemic, how are you helping existing students to continue with their classes digitally? Also would like to know about placement of students graduated in the year 2020.

  • The Neotia University has purchased the MSTeam Software from Microsoft company for taking classes in a platform with latest technology and uninterrupted. Every student has their own login and password for attending the classes. Even if a student miss a class for a genuine reason, then the student can check and learn later also, the teaching of that particular class from the MSTeam software. The class time table are prepared in advance and circulated among students. So, they know in advance when they will have to attend classes for which subject. Not only attending classes, but discussion about homework, webinar, project works, class test and semester tests are being conducted online through MSTeam software.
  • It is fact that due to Pandemic and lock down in India and all over the world in 2020-21, the placement drive has suffered considerably in every college and universities. Nevertheless, The Neotia University has put continuous effort to arrange placement drives for the pass out students in 2020-21. Around 35-40% is being placed already. Some of the student’s joining dates also got postpone by the employer due to the current COVID 19 situations. Many of other students also went for higher studies.

Agriculture emerged as a highly demanding career option by students. How do you practically train your B.Sc. Agriculture students and make them ready for industry?

Very True. There are ample opportunities for the Agriculture graduates to have a satisfied career in life. The Neotia University is the oldest private University in West Bengal to start a 4 years B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture degree course as per ICAR guidelines.

The Neotia University has all required labs with equipments and other materials required for practical training. The University has sufficient land inside & outside the Campus to have filed works for the students. Also, we are very well equipped with Tractor, Tiller and other necessary filed equipments. Most of the faculty members of The Noetia University in Agriculture department are PhD holders and are very communicative and inspiring for the students.

So, we are putting all efforts for overall development of students so that they can be the leader in the society and can contribute for the economic & social development of the country as a whole.

Any suggestions for the students before choosing any career options?


As per current education system in India, students are divided into Arts, Commerce & Science streams (Though the New Education Policy is going to be implemented soon). Again, there sub divisions in every stream. So, accordingly students need to choose courses from their respective studies they done in 10+2 level.

Now, Choosing of a course finally should be done by the student only. Teachers, guardians, parents and academic counselors can only guide them. Students should consider the field of their interest. They should not choose a course emotionally or with peer pressure.

Every course have its own merits and excellent career opportunities; provided the student gets interest in that subject / stream and they should not only learn the subject but should be “involved” in teaching/learning process and should have urge for innovation.

They should not only look for a job, but they should be able to do something that they should be in a positing to offer jobs to others.

Lastly, Why “The Neotia University” amongst array of choices in West-Bengal?


  • “The Neotia University” amongst array of choices in West-Bengal; rather, it is the “only choice” for the students in West Bengal. For
  •  the courses like B.Tech in Robotics & Automation, B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Data Science / Cyber Security / AI & ML / Embedded Systems and Industrial IOT, B.Tech Marine Engineering, B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture, Bachelor of Fisheries Science etc., The Neotia University is the only & Best Choice for the students.
  • The 60 acre lush green campus with 24 X 7 security and CCTV inside the campus
  • 25% to 100% Scholarship on Tuition fee for every course for the deserving students
  • Rs.50,0000/- Medical Insurance for each and every student till their course is completed
  • Books issued from TNU library without any extra cost
  • Medical facilities (with OPD) with qualified doctor inside the campus for 24 X 7
  • Students are required to go for industrial visit / training / Internship in every year of their study of the course
  • Maintain Hygienic & sanitize condition of the campus always
  • 100% efforts on training & placement
  • Separate Boys & Girls hostel facilities available
  • Transport facilities available for day scholars from the selected locations in and around Kolkata
  • Extra-curricular activities with 8 different “Club” runs by the students
  • Sports, swimming, gym and related facilities available
  • Free Wi-Fi facility for all students and faculty members

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