Curriculum Based Comic Books launched by Ministry of Education

Curriculum Based Comic Books launched by Ministry of Education

Department of School Education and Literacy, Government of India in its initiative to provide holistic learning to students, in accordance to the New Education Policy 2020 has launched comic books aligned to chapters of NCERT textbooks.

Hon’ble Minister of Education launched 100+ comic books created by teachers of CBSE affiliated schools and curated by NCERT on 24th March 2021.

The National Education Policy 2020 aims for a transition from textbook learning to understanding concepts and making connections with real world activities. With this initiative not only students will understand and learn better but it will also impart culture and social responsibilities amongst our youth.

With the New introduction learning is definitely Fun. Let’s dive in the detailed information

Key Highlights:

  • These Comic books are aligned to chapters of NCERT textbooks across grades 3 to 12 and have been developed for 16 subjects by teachers of various CBSE affiliated schools across the country.
  • The comics are aligned with topics of NCERT textbooks and have specific story line and characters which students and teachers can relate to.
  • Divided into smaller topics supported by worksheets and it dovetails with the learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Application based examples to understand concepts and decrease the learning gaps.
  •  While deconstructing the academic content, care has been taken to address issues of gender sensitivity, women empowerment, and value education among other life skills.
  • These comics can be accessed online on DIKSHA web portal ( or via the DIKSHA app on any android smartphone.
  • On DIKSHA App, after downloading and creating a user profile, a learner can – select CBSE/NCERT board from dropdown and then select relevant grade and access subject wise comic books.
  • The comics can also be accessed through DIKSHA’s Chatbot on What Sapp.

The new Era of education has commenced and we believe that now education will no longer be a burden on students instead our new generation will love to study, explore and master each and every concept. The introduction to comic books is also a revolution in the digital education system that is enabling knowledge to outreach the remote population of students.

Happy Learning !!

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