CBSE Launches Artificial Intelligence Student Community (AISC)

CBSE Launches Artificial Intelligence Student Community (AISC)

Taking into consideration the AI-enabled future and the massive transformation that AI has made to various sectors, it’s very important for our students to get acquainted with this imperative learning tool right from schools.

CBSE in collaboration with Intel on Friday (12th March 2021) launched AI Student Community (AISC) – a youth-driven platform to encourage collaborative learning and sharing. Through this initiative CBSE aims towards preparing students for an AI driven economy.

CBSE had introduced AI as a skill subject for students from grade 8 upwards in 2019 with the objective to develop an ‘AI-Ready Generation’. The idea is to make student future ready by letting them have knowledge of the contemporary subjects like Artificial Intelligence right from the young age.

 Key Features of AISC

  • The community will be open for students across India – from CBSE and other Schools and student need to register on the official website
  • Student will be able to learn AI as a skill and its application for creating social impact projects through webinars with Intel AI certified coaches and experts
  • Students can access AI learning resources curated from across the world and attend webinars to enhance their AI skills.
  • Members can participate in national and international competitions.
  • As a member of AISC you will be able to Connect with students from across the country

What Technical/Software you will require

  • Computer with an internet connection which has a minimum speed of 256 kbps.
  • Computer Operating System can be:
    1. Windows XP or above in case of Windows
    2. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or above in case of Linux
  • Internet browser to be used can be
    1. Google Chrome 10.0 and above
    2. Mozilla Firefox 65 and above
    3. Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • System RAM: 2GB or above
  • System Storage Space: 256GB HDD or above with a minimum free space of 5GB

 How to be a member of AISC and what to expect.

Interested students can register at the official website- under the tab ‘AI Student and Community’. They have to create their login id and password.

With the login ID and password members would be able to access the

  • Dashboard which is the landing page right after signing in. This page lists out all the elements of the community and each can be accessed from here.
  • The let’s learn segment which has Video resources on AI and python; includes Introduction to AI, AI domains, AI ethics etc.
  • Events which includes
    1. Hands-on learning sessions by Intel AI certified coaches and trainers
    2. Exclusive sessions on the CBSE AI curriculum
    3. Boot camps & Hackathons
    4. Talks by AI experts and leaders from different industries and AI challenges & Quiz
  • Various Blogs. and Projects

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